Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is another component of traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) and is used as a primary therapy in many Asian countries for a wide variety of conditions. In the Far East it is prescribed on its own or it is often used alongside modern Western medicine to enhance and complement Western medication or to reduce its side effects. Chinese herbal medicines are safe to take when prescribed by qualified practitioners who have had the appropriate training including Chinese materia medica and Chinese herbal formulary. And they may be prescribed for individuals of all ages, constitutions and conditions once a full consultation including a medical history has been taken.

Chinese herbal medicines include dried leaves, flowers, bark and roots, or seeds processed with different methods, which give herbs their unique natures, properties and therapeutic functions for the body.

Very few Chinese herbs are taken singularly, as the true essence and advantage of Chinese herbal medicines is the prescription of various herbs that are combined to augment and enhance each other’s therapeutic properties. The basic premise of TCM, and Chinese herbs is that it acts to reduce the symptoms of disease and corrects the body’s imbalances that initially cause the condition.

The Different Types of Chinese herbal medicines

Chinese herbs come in different forms and Christine is qualified to prescribe all the various types of Chinese herbal medicines that you may require.

Patent Pills:
Patent pills are pre-packaged by manufacturers from a generalised prescription that is based on very ancient formulas or new modern ones to treat common symptoms and causes of disharmony. These pills may be very effective for a variety of conditions, and are the most subtle form of Chinese herbs. They are taken twice daily and are convenient to take long-term. Hence many people in China take such pills as a general daily tonic as a preventative therapy, or for health maintenance and preservation therapy.

Individually Tailored Powder or Loose Dry Herbs:
Alternatively, you may be prescribed individually tailored herbal decoctions which come in the form of herbal powders or loose dried herbs which are decocted into a tea and taken twice daily. Following the initial TCM diagnosis, it may be determined that this form of herbal medicine is more appropriate for your needs. This particularly applies to most chronic and severe disorders, especially dermatological conditions and fertility issues, whereby loose dried herbs are the standard choice.

These individual prescriptions are given to address each person’s unique imbalance. And the prescription of herbs and dosages are finely selected and modified according to the person and the different stages of their condition, promoting the body’s state of homeostasis.

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