Frequently Asked Questions

Information that you may find helpful about your appointment:
How to prepare for an appointment

It is recommended to avoid heavy meals for at least 2 hours before your appointment, but recommended to have a light snack 1-2 hours prior; and plenty of fluid before the appointment, which does not contain alcohol or caffeine.

It is best to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes, which may be easily removed, don’t wear jewellery and have long hair tied up.

Do not brush your tongue!

What happens on my first acupuncture visit?

It is advised that you bring in medical reports and test results which may be relevant to your current health; or send them via email with your completed new patient record form.  An assessment is then made and recommendations regarding diet, lifestyle and exercise may be provided with a treatment plan.

Depending on your symptoms, it may be advised that other forms of treatment may be appropriate. This could include auricular acupuncture/ pressure (ear acupuncture/ pressure), electro-acupuncture, acupressure and body work, cupping (and sliding cupping), and therapeutic heat-lamp.  If this should be the case, it will be explained to you at this time.

What happens in my first Chinese herbal medicine consultation?

Based on the consultation and assessment, a 1-2 week prescription of Chinese herbs is composed. The prescription order is placed with an approved Chinese herbal supplier in the UK. The herbal supplier dispenses the herbal prescription and dispatches it to the patient’s chosen address, normally within approximately 2-3 days.. If topical medicines are appropriate, this may also be recommended, prescribed and ordered.

Follow-up sessions involve a discussion to monitor progress from any changes made by yourself and from the herbal treatment. Further recommendations may be made and further Chinese herbal medicines are prescribed, with modifications made if appropriate.

How many sessions will I need?

A normal treatment pattern is to have acupuncture treatments three, four, even five times per week. Or a course of treatment for ten consecutive days, followed by a few days break, with the pattern being repeated for 10 further consecutive days, etc.

Twice weekly sessions should be regarded as the minimum, or weekly sessions at the absolute minimum to allow the cumulative effects of treatment to accumulate for a noticeable improvement.

Do the acupuncture needles hurt?

No!  Most people find acupuncture treatment deeply relaxing.

Most needles tend to be inserted below the elbows and knees, but they may be placed into various parts of the body. The disposable needles are retained for about 20-30 minutes, while you can rest and relax. Following this, the needles are removed and disposed into a sharps container.

Usually, people find they feel very relaxed and/ or energetic following their treatment, and most will carry on their day as usual.

How should I take Chinese Herbal Medicines?
Oral Chinese Herbal Medicines

These are consumed twice daily and may be prescribed to patients in two different forms:

  • Loose dried herbs:
    • The herbs are decocted (boiled and simmered) as a tea to extract the pharmacologically active ingredients.
  • Powders:
    • The dried preparation of herbs is ground into powder form and only requires adding hot water to dissolve, mix and drink.

Each prescription of loose dried herbs and powders is a combination of many herbs tailored to the individual patient’s condition. A basic prescription is formulated and modified by adding or removing herbs and adjusting dosages to suit the individual and their disharmony. 

Topical Chinese herbal medicines

May be applied once, twice or even five times per day and may come in the following forms:

  • Creams, Ointments, Tinctures:
    • Topical Chinese herbal medicines come in various forms, which are most commonly used for dermatological conditions.

Topical medicines may contain one main herb or more than one herb.


Appointments: by arrangement, please contact Christine on 07909 914 754

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Please contact Christine on 07909 914 754

Payments: All major credit/ debit cards or cash are accepted

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Please telephone Christine on 07909 914 754

Please do not make cancellations by email or text as I may not receive the message in time. Should you wish to email or text, please also leave a voicemail message.

Missed or rescheduled appointments and cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged the full appointment fee

Your co-operation and understanding are much appreciated.