Acupuncture- Chinese Herbal Medicine

Christine Kim & Sang Dahl Kim


Our Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice includes acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and lifestyle advice for Pain, Fertility/ Infertility, Pregnancy, Dermatology, Weight loss, Stress and many Other Conditions.

It has been an honour to care for so many individuals and hope that you believe you will be in safe hands, as in addition to our private practice, we are acupuncturists in state hospitals in the UK and Canada.

Currently, Christine Kim is the Acupuncturist at West Suffolk Hospital (a Cambridge University teaching Hosptial) and practices privately in Cambridge and Suffolk in the UK.

While her father, Sang-Dahl Kim is the Acupuncturist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (a University of Toronto teaching hospital), and has a private practice in Toronto, Canada.

TCM has been employed for over 2,500 years and what began initially in China spread throughout the Far East and is now practiced all over the world. TCM has a long history of treating a wide range of conditions. Its primary basis is founded on empirical evidence and case studies due to its very long history of application. However, modern scientific research is only beginning to discover and support its therapeutic modalities for various conditions.

TCM is a health care system which consists of 5 components: acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, tuina (body work/ acupressure and massage), nutrition and diet therapy, and therapeutic exercise (tai-chi, qi-gong). It focuses on not only reducing and eliminating symptoms, but also addressing and treating the cause of the condition or disease.

There is no health care system that is a ‘cure all’ for all people and all conditions. However acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are part of a wonderful health care system from ancient times and have treated a wide range of condtions for countless individuals, and will continue to do so in modern times.

We combine over 2,500 years of TCM treatment protocols to what western medicine has to offer today, to provide integrated health care treatments.

We would like to help you to achieve your optimal health and look and feel your best.

Enquiries are welcome to
Christine Kim in Cambridge & Suffolk (uk) 07909 914 754
Sang- Dahl Kim in Toronto (ca) 416-391-0578