Acupuncture- Chinese Herbal Medicine

Christine Kim & Sang Dahl Kim


07909 914 754 (uk) | 416-391-0587 (ca)

Christine Kim and her father, Sang-Dahl Kim have had the priviledge of many individuals entrusting them with their care in both their private practice as well as the hospitals where they each continue to work.

We have treated a very wide range of people with a variety of acute and chronic conditions, in both state hospital settings and private practice. Each person and their situation is unique and we accompany each person’s special journey to physical and mental health and well-being.

We have taken our own voyages in our personal and professional lives. And what is evident is that the life of a TCM practitioner is truly fulfiling. Even our patients comment on how gratifying it must be to be part of a healing and health maintanence process with others.

Therefore the motivation to improve our clinical skills and knowledge is continuous and will be an endeavour that we will relentlessly pursue. As ultimately, it is for the benefit of all those we treat.

Enquiries are welcome to
Christine Kim in Cambridge & Suffolk (uk) 07909 914 754
Sang- Dahl Kim in Toronto (ca) 416-391-0578